Singapore’s Flea Markets and Food Courts

Flea Market near Little India

Bugis Junction’s food court
My welcome-to-Singapore meal at Green Dot in Bedok Mall. The uppermost viand at the right tastes a lot like pork, and the one below it tastes like chicken. Of course, my perfect meal can’t be without squash! They also give you a choice of having brown or white rice, or even half of both.

I learned the ways of Food Court dining at Singapore. I was with a vegetarian companion, so we would choose stalls that served vegetarian food. I normally don’t think of vegetarian food as something very tasty, but Green Dot at Bedok Mall serves delicious and healthy dishes for an affordable price. You can mix and match your lunchbox-type meal and even get a soup and a drink for less than 10 SGD.

When traveling on a budget, look for Food Courts. Malls usually have these, and they are the best places to eat it especially when you’re looking for variety, good taste, and affordability.

Flea Markets are also fun places to visit when you’re out shopping. There are a lot of cheap and unique buys you may find, and the vendors have a lot of stories up their sleeves. Be careful when you’re haggling, however, and try to avoid incurring the ire of the locals.


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