El Nido

The sandbar in Snake Island

The view from Snake Island

Sand sculpture made by one of our companions during the tour
Stopover for lunch at Shimizu Island

IMG_0873 IMG_0940

I greeted 2014 with a five-day trip to El Nido, Palawan, together with a couple of friends. They celebrated the end of a stressful year, and I enjoyed the trip as an early birthday present to myself. While Coron is honestly more worthwhile, El Nido also has its fair share of beautiful islands, looming rock formations, and enticing waves.

The van (or bus) ride to El Nido is a tiring several hour journey on numerous potholes and rough roads. You’re so far away from the city that staying there feels like being stranded on an island with the sole purpose of detaching your self from the hustle and the bustle of the world. It’s a small, quaint town overflowing with tourists looking to have a great time, and the locals don’t disappoint – offering excellent service on the numerous tours.

What is sad, however, is the state of El Nido’s corals. There’s so much destruction caused by the anchoring of the bancas, and although the reforested coral reefs is a sign of the Local Government Unit’s action (or inaction?), the underwater condition is still frustrating.


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