At the foot of Lake Balanan
At the foot of Lake Balanan

The view from our hotel bed
A quaint Korean cafe we ate dinner in

Two years ago, a day after I passed the last requirement of the semester, my friends and I went to Dalaguete for a three-day vacation. We celebrated the first day of my semestral break exploring a new city; eating out at the local restaurants, biking around the university town, walking along the boulevard… And like any other nature lover, we went to Lake Balanan, Lake Balinsasayao, and spent a couple of minutes looking for The Forest Camp (which we eventually reached after so many stops and turns).

The lakes were very peaceful and meditative. We swam and kayaked in both bodies of water, enjoying the serenity of the place – allowing it to calm our cortisol-flooded bodies. The Forest Camp was a bit more commercialized, but the natural pools were still very refreshing.

There’s nothing like a satisfying nature-based outdoor experience to really calm a person after months of stress, stress, and more stress. Traveling to cities and other urban places is an exciting adventure, but reconnecting with nature will forever be the best.


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