10422404_10204811222468861_2798042556478673332_nMy friend, Tara, and I spent a night at the South of Cebu. We were in (desperate) need of an arts and writing retreat, and we had it at Terra Manna, Badian, Cebu. From downtown Cebu City, travel time to Badian takes four hours by bus, and from Badian Market, one has to ride a tricycle or motorcycle to get to Terra Manna.

Tara and I chose Terra Manna because it offers tents for lodging, giving one the illusion of camping by the sea.¬†We were the only customers in the place aside from one other woman who stayed there presumably to relax and meditate. As soon as we arrived, we immediately went snorkeling to catch what was left of the high tide. We shouldn’t have worried, anyway, since the tide was already quickly receding by the time we had a dip. Tara and I saw fishes, starfishes, hermit crabs, shells, snails, and a lot of sea grass.

11407096_10204811119266281_1292990719366298401_nWe spent the rest of the afternoon painting with watercolour, and at night, we asked them to prepare a bonfire so we could have s’mores. We talked and talked the whole night, and fell asleep to the sound of the waves.

10411297_10204811126026450_8340404330761769021_n11696881_10204878021338791_609341470_n10476397_10204811135226680_722931792325050381_nThe next morning, we walked around the property, and Tara read balaks while I painted.



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