5 Fun Things To Do in Sumilon

Sumilon Island from the road to Tumalog Falls

The 3 to 4-hour ride to the South of Cebu can be draining and quite discouraging, but the lovely island just off Oslob is sure to uplift any weary person’s spirits. Sumilon Bluewater Beach Resort is a perfect get-away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, and it offers so much more than your average wading. After several foiled plans of spending some time on the island, I finally got the chance to stay for two nights, and what we did made the experience very memorable.

Shifting Sandbar & the viewing deck

1. Snorkeling

After sitting for a couple hours, and perhaps even being stuck in one of Cebu City’s traffic jams, there is no better way to burn pent-up energy than to swim with (or against, if you’re feeling particularly up to the challenge) the current while looking at Sumilon’s beautiful marine life. You may even feed the fishes with stale bread every 4PM (1600 H).

Snorkelling2. Glamping

Glamorous camping, or glamping, is an enjoyable way of spending a night on the island au naturel. The cool sea breeze, soft lapping of the waves against the shore in the otherwise quiet night, and a toasty bonfire to keep young hearts warm, make a great ending to a long day of soaking up the scorching heat of the sun. It’s several steps up from old-fashioned camping, and the experience is definitely more comfortable.

Glamping3. Trekking

Your island stay is incomplete if you don’t go on a trek. There are three levels of difficulty, but don’t let the advanced course put you off. It’s longer, sure, but nothing’s as fulfilling as a challenge overcome. Sumilon is an island brimming with stories, and there are so many things waiting to be discovered.

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4. Kayaking and Stand-up Paddling

I first learned how to kayak on the beach, but after I relearned it in a Mangrove forest, the activity has never been the same. In the resort, one can navigate through tall mangroves on the calm lagoon. And if you’re not up to sitting, stand-up paddling is also an option.

5. Watching the sun rise

Being able to watch the sunrise at the beach has long been crossed off my bucket list, but each day is a different one, and the sheer breathtaking beauty of the sun spilling its golden rays on the dark puffs of clouds is a scene that will never grow old. For the view of the sunrise at Sumilon, the picture below will have to speak for itself.


Disclaimer: All photos used in this post were taken by Ms. Eiza Bautista-Florentino. Thank you for the pictures and the wonderful time, Ms. Eiza!


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