Food for the Heart… or not?

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Like many other people, I have always been a lover of chocolate, and for Valentines’ Day last year, I decided to make a batch of easy-cook just-add-water brownies. 2014 was the year I started baking (and cooking) actively, and when I stopped at around September of the same year, I’ve never had the chance to get back at it. I miss it terribly, of course, but there are some things we must give up for better shots at life.

Those batch of brownies marked the beginning of the best period of my life in the kitchen, and though the memories I associate with the night of Valentines’ Day 2014 are more lonely and disappointing than what I expected them to be, what’s important is the fact that that night taught me lessons about love, companionship, and how fun it is to tinker with ingredients that go into the oven.

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