Planet Vegis

A vegan friend and I went to have lunch in a vegetarian restaurant after our draining Perception exam. We had been planning to eat out for some time already, but between doing our thesis, reading journal articles, studying for exams, and trying to squeeze in some time for sleep and a bit of relaxation, all we could afford to visit was our favourite coffee shop/study center. Thankfully, the opportunity to pig out presented itself by clearing our lunch schedule today of any pressing academic matters.

Famous vegans and vegetarians
Famous vegans and vegetarians

Planet Vegis is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant that replaced Mooon Cafe in #42 E. Osmena St., cor. J. Diaz St., Guadalupe, Cebu City. I’ve only ever been to that Mooon Cafe branch once in my life, yet Planet Vegis is likely to keep me going back for more. We went to the place expecting to order food ala carte, but the waiter greeted our arrival with news that there was a buffet, and our serotonin-starved selves weren’t at all likely to decline.

Lunch buffet

Apparently, every weekend, Planet Vegis offers a lunch and dinner buffet for only P199 inclusive of 3 main courses, a garden salad bar, soup, dessert, and bottomless drinks. As a fellow customer exclaimed earlier, “it’s guilt-free eating!”, and the buffet is tasty and quite satisfying. Even for a meat lover like me (who tried going pescetarian once, but ended up eating so much canned tuna), the food is scrumptious and dare I say, a gastronomic delight.

The whole experience reminded me so much of Singapore’s vegan/vegetarian restaurants as well as one other vegetarian restaurant here in Cebu which I came across almost two years ago, that my friend and I agreed to rise to the challenge of food tripping vegan/vegetarian restaurants. I just hope our wallets won’t hate us too much.


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