Healthy U’ Vegetarian Delights Resto

The drive to Healthy U’ took Maly (my vegan friend) and I longer than expected and a lot of turns in wrong alleys (we took the V. Rama route), but our grumbling stomachs managed to find the way after a “last-resort-phone-call” to the restaurant owner, and in no time at all, we had ourselves stuffed with a healthy, delicious, and affordable dinner.

Unlike last week’s vegetarian food trip, the decision to eat at Healthy U’ tonight was completely unplanned, and was made in between Thesis – Training – Procrastinating conversations as a “reward” for finishing the second revision of our Thesis proposal. In spite of the rather frustrating search for the restaurant, the dishes we had were satisfying both to the stomach and to the wallet. For a serving of vegetarian meat (half of which I ended up taking home because it was too many for me to finish), one siomai, one bowl of ginataang kalabasa, a cup of rice, and a bottle of lemongrass juice, I only spent P107.


Tonight’s food trip was quite good, and as fate would have it, our Philosophy professor happened to be a regular at the restaurant, and he recommended visiting during weekdays for a better and tastier menu. I personally look forward to tasting more dishes!

How to get to Healthy U' from V. Rama
How to get to Healthy U’ from V. Rama
Screenshot (43)
How to get to Healthy U’ from Osmena Blvd.

Screenshot (44)

To avoid getting into the same predicament Maly and I had, follow either of the maps above. You may click on the images to expand them. For those who will be taking public transportation, you may ride 01K from E-Mall and ride the jeepney all the way to Aznar Coliseum. All 01K jeepneys pass by Tormis Street, so keep your eyes peeled for the Healthy U’ tarpaulin. Don’t expect a big building!


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