Persian Palate

I once had this ridiculous urge to eat cucumber-tomato-mango-banana salad with naan. Trust me, it was a great decision. Dinner that night left me stuffed until breakfast the next day, and I didn’t have to feel guilty about being so full because I didn’t even have a cup of rice. Anyway, I bought five pieces of naan for only PhP60 from Persian Palate after a friend told me that the restaurant sold it for quite a low price, and I’ve loved Persian Palate ever since.

Persian evokes a couple of memories that I would rather not relive time and again, but the food is delicious, so I get to remember new moments and squash the other unpleasant ones. Yesterday, my cousin and I had a late lunch/early dinner meal at the Ayala branch. I’ve been craving for lamb ever since I left Shanghai and after more than a year of (what rather seemed to be) hopeless pining, I finally got the chance to satiate my hunger in a bowl of spicy lamb curry. The meal lived up to my expectations – and when I set my mind on food, I have quite high expectations – and the organic brown rice I had to go with it was perfect.


My cousin had chello kebab, which basically translates to beef topped with margarine, grilled tomatoes, and tomato rice. Whenever I’m tight on budget, I order the chello kebab since it’s more than enough to make me full.

Iran’s National Dish is Chello Kebab – made either from ground beef or ground lamb

While the lamb was rather costly, there are other budget meals to choose from in Persian Palate. They also serve vegan/vegetarian dishes, so dining with a vegan/vegetarian companion is no problem at all. And what would an Indian/Persian/Iranian restaurant be without lassis? Unlike the fruit shakes we’re used to, I have to say that the defining point of lassis for me are that they aren’t that cold – and they won’t really turn cold. The last time I had a banana lassi, I took it home and added several ice cubes to it just so I’d end up with a cold beverage. Unfortunately, the only time it changed temperatures was when most of the ice had already melted, leaving me with a rather diluted drink.


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