Safety & Security Tips

  1. Stay alert
  • Always be wary about your environment, and be conscious of the areas you wander in. Keep your eyes open for probable threats.

  1. Check your things before you leave
  • To avoid losing bits of your luggage, don’t leave a place without checking if you haven’t left anything behind.
  1. Separate your money
  • Don’t lump your money in one bundle. Separate them according to use, and keep them in different places so as to avoid losing everything in one go.
  1. Don’t put your wallet in your back pocket
  • Putting your wallet in your back pocket makes it easier for thieves to rob you without you noticing.
  1. Scan major documents
  • If ever you lose your passport, then your best bet to getting a new one fairly quickly is a scanned copy of it along with other important documents that will prove your identity.
  1. Don’t over-trust strangers
  • Asking for directions is a great way to avoid getting lost, but don’t readily trust any food/beverage that they offer you.
  1. Avoid flashing your valuables
  • Valuables attract robbers, so keep your accessories simple, and put your gadgets in a bag when you’re not using them.

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  1. Don’t leave your things unattended
  • Being in another country doesn’t mean that there is a lack of people who will steal your belongings if you’re not careful, so keep a hand on your bag(s), and don’t leave them where anybody can pick it up.
  1. Don’t give money to beggars
  • Unless you really have to, don’t take your wallet out in the middle of the street to give money to beggars. It’s an easy way for syndicates to grab your wallet and run, so it would be better not to play into that situation.
  1. Give credit card/bank information on the internet sparingly
  • The internet is not as secure as we would like it to be. As much as possible, only input credit card/bank information in trusted and verified sites (like official airline sites and, and think twice before doing so in an internet café.
  1. Try not to stand out
  • Don’t wear skimpy clothing in temples, and don’t wrap yourself in layers of clothing in shopping markets. When you break the status quo in your choice of clothes and the activities you partake in, you present yourself as an obvious tourist who doesn’t know much about the place, and in doing so, you make yourself vulnerable to scammers and other people who will want to take advantage of you.
  1. Avoid public demonstrations/marches
  • There’s no telling how authorities in other countries react to public demonstrations or marches. So however compelling the cause may be, don’t join these demonstrations. Worst case scenario: you risk your visa. Best case scenario: you merely get reprimanded.
  1. Don’t broadcast your lack of local knowledge
  • Aside from breaking the status quo, broadcasting your lack of local knowledge will make you easy prey for people to take advantage of you.
  1. Always know your escape route
  • Make it a point to remember friendly shops, buildings, and other landmarks you can stay in when faced with a threat (or if you lose your way).

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