Da Bang Cafe

I have spent two long months away from this blog, and I have a mountain of recipes to post and experiences to write about. But I’ll start with today’s fill. A couple of days ago, I and a couple of blogger friends got invited to visit Da Bang Cafe. At first I was hesitant to accept the invitation because 1. it’s a Korean cafe (which I avoid to repress the memories of my K-Pop days), and 2. it’s in downtown Cebu City which is far, far away  from my comfort zone… but I thought I’d give it a chance.

Da Bang Cafe is just before Cebu Business Hotel and across Super Metro Colon in Junquera Street. The best way to get there from Lahug is to ride a 04C jeepney, get off at Acebedo Optical Clinic and walk the rest of the way. It’s only a 3-5 minute walk from the drop-off point to the cafe, and it’s as safe as the other downtown areas – which means put your bag in front of you and hold on to it.

They have fruit teas, milk teas, and hot/iced coffee

Although I had reservations about Da Bang, the cafe exceeded my expectations. Instead of being a small one story place, Da Bang has three floors of creatively arranged cozy seats with electrical outlets beside every table. They also have pillows that make the hard wood structures easy on your butt and back which you will need to avoid exacerbating any protesting joints and/or limbs. For those who are not comfortable with sitting like a Native American Indian, regular chairs and tables are set up at the ground floor. The second floor is a cabin-like area with a monochrome design that they plan to fill with books and other reading materials, and at the top floor is a boardwalk-like space with pillows and a view of Junquera street plus several “fenced-in” tables for groups of three to six.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Second floor
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Third floor

For students like me, Da Bang is a great place to work in. Their milk teas and coffees are delicious and affordable (average price is 70), and they have a fast internet connection + electrical outlets. Not all cafes have this combination of affordability, facility, and service, and I was amazed at how they managed to pull it off.

BarakoHaus will always be my #1 go-to place, but Da Bang Cafe is a close second, especially when I have business downtown.

Kimbap and iced tea for PhP 100
One fruit tea, and five milk teas. Got a melon milk tea without pearls, and it was heaven in my mouth. A friend said their white chocolate milk tea was as delicious as it sounded.
Juicy fried chicken w/ spicy sauce for PhP 130. Of all fried chickens I’ve tasted in my 20 years of existence, their chicken meat is the only one that isn’t dry.

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