Revisiting My Travel Goals

November has been such a hectic month. The weeks seemed to pass in a blur, and I can hardly believe 2016 is about to end. This month, I’ve had my first job fair, the launch of our recruitment website (it’s if you’re looking for a job!), my 3rd month as an employed person, and a whirlwind of other to-dos that has gone and left my table buried in piles of paper. 

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Mekong River, Vietnam

So now I’m interrupting my sleeping schedule and my not-so-constant posting about our backpacking trip because I just realized there’s only 38 more days before I turn 21!

Read: Backpacking Southeast Asia: Kuala Lumpur

Back in January, I wrote a list of goals that I wanted to achieve before I turned another year older. Let’s see how many items I’ve crossed off that list!

  1. Pack at least 2 days before a trip
  2. Don’t stress over the smallest details
  3. Use rubber bands when packing
  4. Get a new travel backpack
  5. Snorkel more often
  6. Climb a mountain
  7. Davao
  8. Finish the 37-day SEA trip uneventfully
  9. Find a travel-funding job
  10. Finally get around to writing about past [food] trips
  11. Add to magnet collection
  12. Add to postcard collection
  13. Don’t delay travel journaling
  14. Read a book per trip
  15. Make new friends 🤔 (pretty hard)
  16. Stop buying souvenirs for everybody
  17. Be more aware of my environment
  18. Get a passport holder/cover
  19. Equip self with a digital baggage weighing scale
  20. Start a travel fund jar

12/20! Not bad at all.

Disclaimer: The photos used in the poorly Photoshopped (in my defense, I’m really tired and sleepy) featured image were taken by Maly. Thanks for being such a good sport when you took these photos, Mal! 🙂


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