A word of advice

To my teenager self –

You didn’t have an inkling how life would turn out after you left CNU. The world suddenly seemed a tad too big, and it made you realize how small of a speck you really were. Your first taste of independence was getting yourself pre-enrolled without anybody else. You went to school by yourself, made new friends, juggled a schedule that was different from your batch mates (just because you didn’t want to take Comm 1, and you never did), and tried not to be the kind of student who would don any shirt and be fine with it (you ended up doing that anyway).

UP was a roller coaster ride, and you thought you wouldn’t finish in 4 years. The last few months were tense and frustrating, and there wasn’t a solid assurance that you’d get to use the graduation pictures taken in Peping’s on time. But hey, by some miracle, you finished your last year with flying colors!

Remember when you swore you’d never work in the HR Department? And that you’d never ever be a Recruiter? Remember when you wanted to be a doctor, then a lawyer, then a psychologist? I’m sorry, but I’ve done the unthinkable. I went and got myself a job that’s in a great environment, and I think I’ve found my calling. Like I always do, I’ve thrown myself wholly into this new life, and the work-life separation seems close to impossible because every day is a challenge to conquer, and it’s difficult to resist the pull.

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to, Monica. Sometimes the things we swear we’d never do are the very things we end up doing. Sometimes the choices we promise we’d never make are the ones we take.

In College, you worried about passing Algebra, Statistics, and Learning. You worried about friends, family, and grades. They certainly weren’t trivial, but they seem so small now. What felt so huge before have faded into scars that bear lessons on love, life, and hardwork.

So keep your chin up, Monica. The world is waiting, and as cliché as it is, the best is yet to come.


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