Merry Cactmus!

One of the things I have equated to nesting is having a plant to call my own. It’s a nice exercise in patience, learning, and being responsible for a life that isn’t yours.

Tis the season, once again, to be jolly. Christmas has always been my favorite season, but last year’s came too fast for my swamped-with-work self. Now that there’s a little more time to breathe, my thoughts once again drifted to the year (2015?) when the craze over succulents and cacti was at an all-time high but I couldn’t get one because I was barely home. After many months of wanting to have a plant, I realized that right now is finally the right time.

Look at that feed!

I have always been a fan of Gale’s Garden (@galesgarden on Instagram), especially after I got to see her garden up close, and Ms Gale’s passion for the craft is beyond words. Aside from ordinary pots, she even has wooden crates (made in her house mismo) that emphasize the rustic and earthy feel of the plants! It’s the workmanship, creativity, and dedication that she puts behind her cacti and succulents that fueled my want to start my own garden, one pot at a time.


Our office is now littered with a mix of cacti and succulents, but since we’re not very sure who has a green thumb and who doesn’t (although killing a cactus would be something else entirely!), 2018 is going to be an interesting year.

It’s all a little daunting, but well, life’s always better with challenges around the corner. 

Merry CACTMUS! I do hope your holidays won’t SUCC.


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