Da Bang Cafe

I have spent two long months away from this blog, and I have a mountain of recipes to post and experiences to write about. But I’ll start with today’s fill. A couple of days ago, I and a couple of blogger friends got invited to visit Da Bang Cafe. At first I was hesitant to accept the invitation because 1. it’s a Korean cafe (which I avoid to repress the memories of my K-Pop days), and 2. it’s in downtown Cebu City which is far, far away  from my comfort zone… but I thought I’d give it a chance. Continue reading “Da Bang Cafe”


The Social meets Via Pacifica Selections

In the middle of my weekly sports training for the upcoming Intramural Games, thesis work, and other academic responsibilities, I received an invitation to attend Via Pacifica Selections’ celebratory dinner at The Social. My love for wine and a good meal runs deep, so I ditched an org meeting and soccer & softball practices to make it to the event. Continue reading “The Social meets Via Pacifica Selections”

Barako Haus

For a period of time between my first and third year of being in College, I considered Starbucks as my go-to place, spending most afternoons in any of the Ayala branches while waiting for my uncle/mom to fetch me. It was there that I picked up the habit of answering newspaper crossword puzzles and working best away from my house. And it was because of the nasty effect their coffee products had on my stomach that I developed the preference for tea.

Continue reading “Barako Haus”

Persian Palate

I once had this ridiculous urge to eat cucumber-tomato-mango-banana salad with naan. Trust me, it was a great decision. Dinner that night left me stuffed until breakfast the next day, and I didn’t have to feel guilty about being so full because I didn’t even have a cup of rice. Anyway, I bought five pieces of naan for only PhP60 from Persian Palate after a friend told me that the restaurant sold it for quite a low price, and I’ve loved Persian Palate ever since. Continue reading “Persian Palate”

Healthy U’ Vegetarian Delights Resto

The drive to Healthy U’ took Maly (my vegan friend) and I longer than expected and a lot of turns in wrong alleys (we took the V. Rama route), but our grumbling stomachs managed to find the way after a “last-resort-phone-call” to the restaurant owner, and in no time at all, we had ourselves stuffed with a healthy, delicious, and affordable dinner. Continue reading “Healthy U’ Vegetarian Delights Resto”