The year was 2012. I was fresh out of high school and had just entered the University of the Philippines Cebu. The last time I went to Leyte was five years ago (the base year is 2012) when my mother, aunt, and I along with four other Filipinos and one Japanese were stranded until past midnight at Limon on our way to Ormoc from Tanauan. Continue reading “Palo”



Ever since I went to El Nido before my 18th birthday, I promised myself I’d go out of Cebu every January as a way of celebrating the conclusion of another year lived. Before I turned 19, I found myself alone in Kuala Lumpur for almost a week in an attempt to prove to myself that I could travel without company, and I could do it well. That trip was the turning point of my life, and it knocked down walls that kept me from exploring the full potential of being a traveler.  Continue reading “Ormoc”