Coming to Taiwan

Even now that I am currently in the country, it still dumbfounds me that I made it to Taiwan. Unlike my previous trips, the only concrete plans I had for this trip were my flight details and my accommodation. I had no itinerary, no budget plan, and no time to even think everything through. For the first time in my life, I was quite spontaneous (around 75%). I had no printed Google Maps directions to my hostel, I got lost a couple of times, my GPS wasn’t accurate underground, and I was at a loss over where to go and what to do. I even brought my laundry with me.  Continue reading “Coming to Taiwan”


Revisiting My Travel Goals

November has been such a hectic month. The weeks seemed to pass in a blur, and I can hardly believe 2016 is about to end. This month, I’ve had my first job fair, the launch of our recruitment website (it’s if you’re looking for a job!), my 3rd month as an employed person, and a whirlwind of other to-dos that has gone and left my table buried in piles of paper.  Continue reading “Revisiting My Travel Goals”

How to (Temporarily) Cure Wanderlust

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I’ve had it before, and I still continue to have it now, especially in the lull moments of my hectic student life in between deadlines. A multitude of things can trigger wanderlust: stress, Instagrammed pictures of a nearby country, travel articles, travel blogs, traveling equipment at the mall… Continue reading “How to (Temporarily) Cure Wanderlust”