Backpacking Southeast Asia: Kuala Lumpur

Saying goodbye to Malacca was no easy feat. On the day of our departure, I wanted to dig in my heels and spend more time exploring the terracotta “museum city” whose streets were jam-packed with tourists, noisy trishaws, and vendors. Our hotel was also quite hard to leave behind after the warmth and comfort it had so easily given.

Although Malacca was a breather from the sprawling urban maze and tech hub that was Singapore, it did not quite dampen the buzz of Kuala Lumpur when we stepped off the train in KL Sentral.

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4 Things I Learned While Traveling Solo

1. Being alone is not the same as being lonely

Most people look at me in shock whenever my mother broadcasts my plans of traveling alone, and they usually ask why I wouldn’t take my mom with me. I almost always answer that it would be too expensive. The locals also raise their brows when they find out I’m without a companion, but perhaps it’s more about my stature than my gender. Continue reading “4 Things I Learned While Traveling Solo”

5 Things To Do When Traveling Alone

When you’re 18, and the only time you’ve ever traveled solo was on a 24-hour trip to a relative’s house in an island one hour away from home, then going abroad on a budget is going to be a thrilling, exciting, scary, and an entirely new feeling. I went to China for a conference last year, and between booking my flight to packing my luggage, I was cramming the whole time. My Visa was approved less than a week before my flight, and I couldn’t sleep the night before my trip in fear that I would forget something. The trips I took following that, however, took an entirely different tune. After experiencing the struggle of international traveling, I learned how to comprehensively plan ahead and skip the stressful days. Of course, there’s not enough preparation in the world to make you feel safe and confident, but there are things that can help appease your nerves.

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