Revisiting My Travel Goals

November has been such a hectic month. The weeks seemed to pass in a blur, and I can hardly believe 2016 is about to end. This month, I’ve had my first job fair, the launch of our recruitment website (it’s if you’re looking for a job!), my 3rd month as an employed person, and a whirlwind of other to-dos that has gone and left my table buried in piles of paper.  Continue reading “Revisiting My Travel Goals”


20 Travel Goals on my 20th

Two decades. My whole life can be summed up in those words, and oh, what a life it has been. Although I am nowhere close to some of the future Monicas I envisioned 14 years ago (an astronaut, a missionary nun, and a professor), at least I’ve got the traveling part of all three professions pat down. Outer space continues to be too far and too scary, but I’ve been in a anti-gravity room; seen cosmic collisions up close; and tried counting the stars in more places than I can count. That’s close enough, I reckon. Continue reading “20 Travel Goals on my 20th”

10 Things I Love About Shanghai

It has officially been a year since I left Shanghai, and my longing to go back still hasn’t waned. In fact, I just can’t help but remember all the fun I had while travelling last year. I’ve been to Singapore and Malaysia, but nothing can beat my favourite city. So, why Shanghai? I can’t decide how to put this in order, so I’m doing the old “first thing that comes to mind” trick. Continue reading “10 Things I Love About Shanghai”