Packing for 37 days

It’s 3 in the morning, 19 hours before our flight to Singapore (the beginning of our 37-day Southeast Asia trip), and I’m wide awake, reading and rereading the letter I wrote to lao peh before I graduated. Surely the feelings in the letter will help me sleep. The past 8 hours have been spent packing (and unpacking), printing airline tickets, making two more itineraries, and generally fretting over the littlest things. The pre-trip jitters have come rather early, but considering I’ll be with 4 first-time international travelers and 1 other person who hasn’t been to Singapore,  I think my anxiety is warranted.

My packing still isn’t done. I haven’t had my money changed. I forgot to print hotel booking confirmations. I don’t have offline maps. My iPod isn’t ready. I’m not ready. Will I ever be ready? But I want to go now. Continue reading “Packing for 37 days”